Certification FAQ

How does the program work?

Quote-to-Cash Certification is a complimentary on-demand program consisting of four 25 minute content modules delivered via video. Upon completing all five modules, participants will take a 90-minute exam of 30 multiple-choice questions. Those who receive a score of 77 or above will be considered “Quote-to-Cash Certified,” and will receive instructions in adding a badge to their online resume and profiles to mark their achievement. 

What are the individual course modules?

Module 1: What is Quote-to-Cash? 

  • Quote-To-Cash: Key Terms And Process Flow
  • Pivotal Players In The Quote-To-Cash Process
  • How You Know It’s Time For Quote-To-Cash Transformation
  • The Benefits Of Quote-To-Cash Optimization

Module 2: Introduction to Configure Price Quote

  • Connecting The Right Goods To The Right Customers With Sales Configuration
  • How Intelligent Pricing Captures Maximum Value
  • 5 Signs Your Quoting Process Is Broken (And How to Fix It)
  • Making Multiple Geographies, Languages, And Sales Channels Work For You
  • Measuring the Value of Automated Quoting

Module 3: Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Revenue with Contracts

  • Navigating the Contract Lifecycle: Key Terms and Process Flow
  • 5 Pitfalls That Lead to Contractual Risk
  • How To Impact Revenue With Contract Management
  • ROI of Contract Management

Module 4: Real Insight into Cash with Effective Revenue Management

  • It’s Not Over Till You Collect: Why Revenue Management Matters
  • Streamlining Billing and Revenue Cycles for Faster Revenue Recognition
  • How Proactive Renewals Management Creates Customers-for-Life
  • Rebates 101 — Concepts and How-To’s
  • The ROI of Revenue Management

Module 5: Quote-to-Cash Success on the Salesforce1TM Platform

  • Creating a Highly Flexible, Secure, and Scalable Quote-to-Cash Ecosystem in the Cloud
  • CPQ: Sell More, Sell Bigger, and Sell Anywhere
  • Bringing Full Visibility to the Contract Lifecycle
  • Inspiring Rep Performance with Compensation Management
  • Connecting your Quote-to-Cash Ecosystem to ERP

Who should take the Quote-to-Cash Certification course?

Quote-to-Cash Certification is open to anyone who wants a broader understanding of the Quote-to-Cash process, how it benefits the organization, and technology that empowers transformation. This credential is essential for anyone looking to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness, eliminate quote and contract errors, gain more visibility into the end-to-end revenue cycles, and increase customer satisfaction.

Specific Attendee Groups: 

  • Champions of a Quote-to-Cash Initiative: The Quote-to-Cash Certification program will provide you with a 360-degree view of the Quote-to-Cash process, so you can make a compelling case for Quote-to-Cash optimization, and secure buy-in from the appropriate team leads.
  • Career-builder: The Quote-to-Cash Certification program enables you to speak confidently about best practices for improving sales efficiency and effectiveness, and gives you an edge over your competition during an interview. Learn—at a systems level—how best-in-class organizations leverage technology and process to close bigger, better deals, and reduce contractual risk.
  • Salesforce.com Customer: The Quote-to-Cash Certification program will empower you to maximize your Salesforce investment through a fundamental understanding of the processes, players, and technologies that make it easier to quickly convert initial opportunities into finalized deals.

How do I register?

Use the form on the right side of this page to register; it doesn’t cost a dime.



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