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Quote – To – Cash


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Certification FAQ

Quote-to-Cash Certification is a complimentary on-demand program consisting of 4 modules, made up of several 5 minute videos and a pdf study guide. Start by signing up to gain access to all of the course material. Work at your own pace; feel free to pick up where you left off or re-watch/re-read material as needed. When you’ve completed the modules and feel like you understand the material, participants will take a 20-minute exam of 36 multiple-choice questions. Those who receive a score of 77 or above will be considered “Quote-to-Cash Certified,” and will gain access to the Quote-to-Cash Community groups as well as receive instructions on how to add the certification badge to their online resume and profiles to mark their achievement.

Module 1: Introduction to Quote-Cash

What is Quote-to-Cash:

  • Introduction to Quote-to-Cash

Module 2: The 4 Essential layers of Innovative Quote-to-Cash

  • Automating Processes
  • Influencing Behaviors
  • Embedding Intelligence
  • Platform


Module 3: Core Solutions: Your Quote-to-Cash Background

  • Configure Price Quote
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Revenue Management
  • B2B Omni-Channel Commerce


Module 4: Becoming a Change Agent

  • Impact on Your Business
  • Impact on the Individual
  • Getting Started


The Quote-to-Cash Certification is recommended for sales, sales ops, legal, finance, and IT professionals, or anyone who wants a broader understanding of the Quote-to-Cash process, how it benefits the organization, and technology that empowers transformation. This credential is essential for anyone looking to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness, eliminate quote and contract errors, gain more visibility into the end-to-end revenue cycles, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Quote-to-Cash connects a customer’s intent to buy and a company’s realization of revenue, and encompasses the entirety of your sales, contract, and customer relationship lifecycles. When Quote-to-Cash is managed correctly, businesses are empowered to confidently adopt new business models, predict quarter outcomes, and meet increasingly complex customer demands—without introducing delays or risk. >>Learn More

It’s a world driven by ever advancing technology, data intelligence and customer expectations, coupled with accelerating business speeds, competition, and global reach. Priorities such as integration and process automation are no longer advantages, they are bare necessities. It’s important to create a coherent company by understanding and utilizing the common data between your processes to drive positive business outcomes, revenue, and customer loyalty.

At the heart of it all is Quote-to-Cash, the process of driving revenue for your organization. It starts with your buyer’s intention to buy, and ends with cash in the bank for your organization, touching every department, every channel, and every customer. Quote-to-Cash is quickly becoming the fastest growing business necessity across all verticals and regions.

But change starts with the individual. Discover a better way, drive business value for your company with this free online program. Get Quote-to-Cash Certified!

Quote-to-Cash touches every department, every channel, and every customer. In particular it impacts, sales, sales ops, IT, finance, legal, marketing, and management.

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Yes you can retake the exam up to 3 times. Be sure to review the material carefully before attempting for the exam again.

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